How to create full-screen Flex applications
by Carlos Pinho, August 8th, 2007
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flex3_fx_124x120.jpgNew example of how to create full-screen Flex applications, by Flex Examples. Check here.

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  1. cnlogistic Says:

    Thanks! Really great to finally have a way to achieve full screen display Flex.

  2. How to create full-screen Flex applications Says:

    [...] We are neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content. How to create full-screen Flex applications New example of how to create full-screen Flex applications, by Flex Examples. Check here. Wed, [...]

  3. Falco Stellare Says:

    Fullscreen mode in Flex doesn’t allow users to input text in input fields. This way, this feature is nothing but useless for serious full screen applications built with Flex :-(

  4. Falco Stellare Says:

    Adobe developers say that disabling text inputs when in fullscreen is a security feature: you cannot interact with a Flex application running fullscreen because a potential hostile could duplicate a login interface and stole your account, with a well-known phishing technique.

    But did you noticed a funny thing? You can’t write directly into an input field in fullscreen mode, yes, but you can always PASTE TEXT INTO IT (right-click on the field, and then select “paste” from the popup menu) and thus completely bypass the clever and strong security “fullscreen feature”. No need for hacks, patches, or whatever. Just copy a text from notepad and paste it into the “disabled” input field of your fullscreen Flex application: oh my god, the disabled input field works again! Press your submit button, and go.

    WOW!!! :-\

    Dear Adobe developers, please, remove this silly limitation NOW, and try to deal with security issues in better ways. Security through obscurity is nothing but a failure, if you are a real software developer.

    There are peoples here, who try to produce useful interactive applications with Flex (in my case, applications to be used for scientific research in oncology and molecular biology) and who really would like to take advantage from a fully working fullscreen feature…

    And please, don’t suggest to switch to AIR, this is not a valid alternative if you’re developing an application to be distributed as a web service.

  5. iongion Says:

    Falco you are so right, not even now after so many months they did not address the issue, you can still paste text. This such a big failure!

    Adobe, for frak sake … at least dispatch the responsibility to secure this to the developers if u don’t get it right … like u freaking do with the allowFullScreen parameter, or allowDomain … no, you had to take the wrong path introducing s*** all over

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