Flash 3D List === Update===
by Carlos Pinho, April 17th, 2008
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I’ve created a page of this list at the blog so you can easly track any new information on 3D.

Tnx Jensa for your great support, by helping me to get this list more complete.

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In the last months everyone noticed that everyday, new components and frameworks on 3D have been developed and released to the Flash community. I’m writing this article, because even me that check everyday lots of posts and articles in the Internet, start to be lost in the middle of lot’s of information and new resources available. So, i decide to make a list with all the available 3D tools for Flash. If I’ve missed some of them, i would be glad to add them to this list, just drop me a comment.

2.5D AS3 Isometric Engines

    3D Engines

    3D Game Engines

    3D Vector Engine

    3D Physics Engine

    3D Flash Components

    3D Animation Framework

    3D Modelers

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    14 Responses to “Flash 3D List === Update===”

    1. makc Says:

      alternativa should have been in 2.5D too

    2. Carlos Pinho Says:

      Hi Makc,

      Could you pls be more specific and advise why?

    3. Le blog de Vincent Battaglia » En vrak - 75 Says:

      [...] Petite liste de tous les moteurs 3D pour Flash. [...]

    4. Hebi Flash Blog » Sites en Flash 3D : la 1927ème avalanche Says:

      [...] complète que celle que j’avais réalisé, (je savais bien qu’il m’en manquait) sur flashenabled. Posté le avril 21st, 2008 [...]

    5. Virtual Paris 2007 » Mes liens du 21 avril 2008 au 22 avril 2008 Says:

      [...] Flash 3D List === Update=== « Flash Enabled Blog – a list with all the available 3D tools for Flash [...]

    6. 3d in flash | dasPoda | Says:

      [...] However, I’ve had a look around and there are some other nice alternatives from this list [...]

    7. Le blog de Vincent Battaglia » La 3D débarque sur le Web ! Says:

      [...] Même si canvas est très prometteur, Flash reste aujourd’hui LA meilleure solution pour faire de la 3D sur le Web. Cependant, il faut savoir que Flash n’implémente pas la 3D en natif (ce sera le cas pour Flash 10). Il faut en effet importer des librairies externes pour arriver à nos fins. La plus connue reste Papervision3D mais d’autres comme Away3D et Alternativa tirent également leur épingle du jeu. Si vous en voulez plus, elles sont toutes listées sur cette page. [...]

    8. ickydime Says:

      Thanks for the resource!

    9. Anton Volkov Says:

      >> alternativa should have been in 2.5D too
      > Could you pls be more specific and advise why?
      Because Alternativa3D has a powerful orthographic render:

    10. Anton Volkov Says:

      BTW, an official site of Alternativa Platform launched: http://alternativaplatform.com

    11. Carlos Pinho Says:

      Hi Anton,

      Thank you for pointing that issue.

    12. Riccardo Says:

      Hi to all,
      Have you seen the new engine 3D for Adobe Flash Player at http://www.sophie3d.com ?

    13. Arul Blog » Blog Archive » My first 3D flash animation Says:

      [...] support for native 3D only in cs4. There are lot of opensource flash 3d engines are there. I tried papervision3d and away3d. Both are quite well. There are lot more tutorials for [...]

    14. Ri Says:

      What exactly happened to Sandy3d ?

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