3 October, 2010
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I have a friend going to get married and decided to show the photos of him and his wife in the wedding party. He asks me to making one for them. I told him, you don’t need me and “There is an APP for that”. Try Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe. This is the best I try among many gallery maker software.

26 August, 2010
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by admin, August 26th, 2010

The MAX 2010 is coming. Let have a preview what inside this year MAX. If you are working on mobile application, you definitely can’t miss this events. In this year, adobe will focus on developing multiscreen content with Flash and HTML. Also, a hot topic in the industry is the creation of e-book/publication. In this year MAX, [...]

24 August, 2010
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Are you working on AIR for your next project? If yes, you may need to look at this new tools for creating AIR application. It let you create AIR project which easy deal with some common challenge. Today we launched Adobe AIR Launchpad, a desktop tool that helps Adobe Flex developers get started building desktop applications [...]

11 August, 2010
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According to the news from ByteArray, the new release of Flash Player supporting Hardware H264 decoding in Mac. Now, you can have smooth HD video playback with your Mac. We just pushed a few minutes ago a new version of the Flash Player containing a nice feature that was in beta until now called [...]

10 August, 2010
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by admin, August 10th, 2010

Recently, i work with a website project with a tight deadline and it requires to show some nice photo from the project owner. But i don’t want to stick with a simple fade effect from within Flash. At the mean time, i find this nice rotator component from Digicrafts. This banner rotator come with a [...]

14 October, 2009
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by WaiLam, October 14th, 2009

“Can you show my cool product on our web in 3D?” Did your clients asked you before? You answer may be “It’s not possible” or “Our budget can’t achieve this high-technology”. But you may need to change your answer now. FreeSpin3D bring an easy way to include interactive 3D in Flash. You can easily embed [...]

2 September, 2009
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by WaiLam, September 2nd, 2009

lash and Flex Developers Magazine brings the new issue of bi-monthly PDF magazine for free download with better and richer content. Start from the new issue, FFD Mag is free of charge. You can download the newest version here. Sept – October 2009 Issue -Options when planning a Video Application with FMS -Flex Remoting with [...]

16 July, 2009
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by WaiLam, July 16th, 2009

Having a project with a short deadline? Or, you want to have some stumbling effect in your design but you are not familiarizing with coding. The FlashComponents.net can help you. FlashComponents.net provides you essential online tools to simplify the process on development and publishing. It database contains 10000+ flash resources across 100+ catalogues. From 3D [...]

30 June, 2009
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Getting Start with Flash Catalyst Part 4 In last tutorial, you have learn how to build a fancy navigation menu with 3d effect in Flash Catalyst. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to assign action to the menu and make transition effect to each page of your content. If you din’t visit the [...]

25 June, 2009
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Getting Start with Flash Catalyst Part 3 Last tutorial, you have learn to prepare artwork and import to Flash Catalyst. In the following tutorial. You will learn how to setup a menu will fancy 3d effect and use it as a navigation menu. If you havn’t read the previous tutorial. You can visit this series [...]