Sponsoring The Tech Labs Project
by Carlos Pinho, January 30th, 2008
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As I posted before, I’ve started a new project, to setup a new Tech Community Portal, The Tech Labs. I had to make an investment, by buying hosting service, plus domain, plus web design stuff and so on so on. At that point my question was, “Ok, i’m doing this cause i like and i want, but i must arrange a way to help me with my investments until the TTL portal to be ready”. After googling a bit, i found out that many bloggers used to make some reviews and got paid for that. One of the 1st line providers in this kind of business is the payperpost.
In order to get paid, we need to apply for writing some reviews, similar to this one, following some directives given upon review request. And after review completed, we submit it to their engine, in order to get the money. Some, say that these kind of companies are selling a “virus”. I say, that i’m selling my PR, in order to sponsor my Open Source Projects, like . Which is, for sure, contributing much more for the IT World community, rather the posts that professional persons, and companies by posting reviews regarding the products they must sell.

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