Tutorial | Flash Player 10 Beta: FileReference
by Carlos Pinho, May 19th, 2008
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In this video tutorial, learn how to read and write local files using the new methods of the FileReference class.

View tutorial and download support files

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3 Responses to “Tutorial | Flash Player 10 Beta: FileReference”

  1. Nicola Says:


    thanks a lot for publishing this tutorial, it’s really clear and well done.

    I got a strange problem tough…maybe it’s just a flash player bug or me doing something wrong but i’m not sure so i’d really like if someone else could cross check before i post a bug report to Adobe.

    I tried to replace the FileReference with a fileReferenceList
    ( only few lines needs to be modified ) but with my surprise then the tutorial totally breaks.

    Accessing FilereferenceList.fileList and getting the FileReference objects works fine and everything seems in order but when you call Load() on those FileReference the Event.Complete isn’t fired anymore so it’s not possible to load any file content.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Greg Says:

    In Air the fileReference objects in fileReferenceList do not fire the complete event when doing fileList[i].load(). In Flex it works fine. Adobe has not taken bug reports on this appropriately.

  3. araba Says:

    Could you send flash lessons videos.
    I want to learn flash better.

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