Getting Start with Action Script 3.
by WaiLam, March 17th, 2009
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Flash is a popular development tool for now a day webdesign and become the standard tools on web development.

As you are a webdesigner, you should learn it or you already learn it. But, since the introduce o f Actionscript 3.0, some people may stuck with the new programming language because it is well structured and more strict. You need more effort to start learning and master it.

But ActionScript 3.0 is a must for many jobs now. So,  i Introduce some resource which help you to get start with Action Script 3.0. – Beginning Action Script 3.0

Build the first ActionScript project
Data type
Literal and Constant

Flash Speaks ActionScript

Moving From AS2 to AS3: Handling Depths


Instance names and code hinting – Tips & Tricks

Mike Chambers – ActionScript 3 Reference for iPhone

I will contiune to update this post for more resources.

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2 Responses to “Getting Start with Action Script 3.”

  1. sobri Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm woooooooooow me

  2. Hannah Hurst Says:

    As a web designer myself I know only too well the importance of flash being included on a webpage. In fact we do not create any websites without this tool. I am currently using ActionScript 2.0 as that is what I was taught at university. However, I do agree that I should learn ActionScript 3.0, it is just the issue of it definitely being more strict and taking a lot more to learn it.

    The resources below are a great help and as a very motivated person I intend to use this help and develop my skills forward in order to obtain this key area. I would definitely suggest these links to fellow learners of ActionScript 3.0.

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