Flash 3D Banner Rotator Components
by admin, August 10th, 2010
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Recently, i work with a website project with a tight deadline and it requires to show some nice photo from the project owner. But i don’t want to stick with a simple fade effect from within Flash. At the mean time, i find this nice rotator component from Digicrafts.

This banner rotator come with a fantastic 3D transition effect. And it really easy to use, i just need create the xml and drop the flash component on my flash project. If you don’t familiarize with Flash, it even contains a ready to use template which can config by XML. The banner rotator come with several type of 3D transition effect such as cube rotate, twist, etc. You can check out the live demo on Digicrafts website.

Link to Digicrafts

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3 Responses to “Flash 3D Banner Rotator Components”

  1. Min Thu Says:

    This is just amazing!

    I really like the twist effect. :)

  2. sam Says:

    nice post..ultimate design

  3. design_surfer Says:

    AWESOME!!!! The spinning and twisting effects are neatly done!
    Plus images are crisp adding more visual impact to those effects.

    Great post!

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