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3D Stuff for Adobe Flash

In the last months everyone noticed that everyday, new components and frameworks on 3D have been developed and released to the Flash community. I’m writing this article, because even me that check everyday lots of posts and articles in the Internet, start to be lost in the middle of lot’s of information and new resources available. So, i decide to make a list with all the available 3D tools for Flash. If I’ve missed some of them, i would be glad to add them to this list, just drop me a comment.

2.5D AS3 Isometric Engines

3D Engines

3D Game Engines

3D Vector Engine

3D Physics Engine

3D Flash Components

3D Animation Framework

3D Modelers

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16 Responses to “Flash 3D List”

  1. Flash 3D List === Update=== « Flash Enabled Blog Says:

    [...] papervision 3d, Resources, sandy 3d, webdesign, wire engine 3d, wow engine I’ve created a page of this list at the blog so you can easly track any new information on [...]

  2. Patrick Says:

    Hi there:

    I’m not exactly sure where this would fit in your list, but…

    We’ve built an open source project based on Papervision 3D, which is a practical set of classes/functionality for delivering “VR Photography” (and related interactivity).





  3. artistsvalley Says:

    I have tried Flash 3D, but couldnt get much done… Its definitely a great resource to develop!

  4. Frameworks | Papervision 3D Web Roundup - Tutorials and Sources « Flash Enabled Blog Says:

    [...] to designers present their work. Great works were made since Papervision 3D and other know 3D engines appeared. Today i bring you some cool stuff, that you can use in your own projects. If you don’t know [...]

  5. Links, readings and odds and ends… at blog.christopher.com.au Says:

    [...] Flash 3D List http://flashenabledblog.com/flash3dlist/ [...]

  6. noj Says:

    you’re missing APE engine. http://www.cove.org/ape/

  7. designing logos Says:

    designing logos…

    Good post. I am looking into these issues on my blog….

  8. My dive to third dimension | MindScriptAct Says:

    [...] But I always knew.. that day will come for me to dive in 3d world. I have spend that day examining 3d engine list and end up in choosing between two most powerful open source engines : PaperVision and AWAY 3d . [...]

  9. Flash 3d list « spirit of life Says:

    [...] From flashenabledblog [...]

  10. mike Says:

    These 3D flash elements look really exciting, I’m hoping I’ll be able to implement them in some designs soon!!

  11. rick Says:

    How about flade? True, it is AS2 but its still usefull especially for those of us who haven’t made the jump to AS3 yet.

  12. טכנאי מחשבים Says:

    thank you for the list,usefull stuff!

  13. GotElement-FlashResoures Says:

    Great summary, I have known Papervision 3D before, this summary give me more visions, thanks.

  14. karunya Says:

    It was the best article ….

  15. sunil Says:

    Oh My god ….It was so clear , hATZ OFF GUYS

  16. Simple 3D Drawing in AS3 | ActionScripter.co.uk: Freelance Flash, Flex, Processing & OpenFrameworks Says:

    [...] right tool for the job is not always the most sophisticated one. There are a variety of 3D engines for Flash, each with their own merits. I even wrote one of my own a few years back. But there are [...]

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